jueves, 4 de octubre de 2007

Sample Video: "First day at class"

Video & video script

Rick starts class at a university and gets a surprise.
Marie: I'm sorry, Miss Tanaka. What's your first name again?
Sachiko: Sachiko. S-A-C-H-I-K-O.
Marie: Thanks. See you in a minute.
Rick: Hi. My name's Ricardo, but everybody calls me Rick.
Marie: Well, nice to meet you, Rick. I'm Marie Ouellette.
Rick: It's nice to meet you, Marie. . . . Um, where are you from, Marie?
Marie: I'm from Canada.
Rick: Oh, so you're Canadian?
Marie: That's right.
Rick: From what city?
Marie: Montreal. How about you?
Rick: I'm originally from Mexico City, but my family and I live up here now.
Marie: Oh, are you a student here?
Rick: Yes, I am.
Marie: What are you studying?
Rick: Business Management.
Marie: Oh, really! That's nice.
Rick: So, how about you? Are you a student too?
Marie: Well, no . . .
Rick: So, what do you do?
Marie: I teach.
Rick: Oh? What do you teach?
Marie: Business Management.
Sachiko: Excuse me, Miss Ouellette. This is our classroom, isn't it?
Marie: Yes, Sachiko, it is. Nice to meet you, Rick. Bye-bye!
Rick: Yeah, you too! Good bye

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